Terms and condition


By using the VMS website you are agreeing to fully accept the terms and conditions set out herein.

The VMS website and the Instruct and Pay services are offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Your use of the VMS website and the Instruct and Pay services constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices. VMS Ireland and VMS Management Ltd reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the VMS services are offered.

All contents of the VMS web site and the valuation templates used are owned by VMS and may not be used or copied in any way.

Payments Cancellations and Refunds

1.        All payments must be made by Card at the time of instructions.

2.        The fee charged is based on standard residential properties. For larger properties and or non standard properties, or properties with a market value in excess of €1million, a higher fee is payable before the valuation is carried out. The additional fee will be advised to the Instructing party. Payment of the additional fee is required before the valuation is carried out. An additional fee is also payable where the property is a considerable distance from the main town.

3.        Where a card payment has been unsuccessful or not processed, the valuation instructions will be cancelled and no data will be retained. Where a card payment is subsequently refused by the issuing bank or your bank, VMS will withhold the valuation report until such payment has been received. Where a valuation report has been issued, the instructing party undertakes to ensure payment is successful.

4.        VMS do not retain or collect or store any of your card details

5.        Your card company may have 3D Secure Scheme. They will require you to use an assigned password when they process your transaction.

6.        VMS is not responsible for any errors, delays, cancellations which may occur as a result of any errors or delays by your Card Company.

7.        VMS is unable to assist with any queries that you may have with your Card Issuer / Company.

8.        Where the valuation request does not require an internal inspection, the valuation cannot be cancelled, and no refund will be permitted.

9.        Any changes to the valuation report as a result of inaccurate data from the instructing party shall be chargeable and the amended report shall not be released until the fees have been paid.

10.        Where the valuation request is for a standard mortgage valuation (which is an internal inspection) the instruction can be cancelled at any time prior to 24 hours of the inspection date (the cut off date). Any cancellations after the cut off date will not produce a refund and the valuation fee shall be forfeited.

11.     Where a cancellation is permitted a fee of € 25.00 will be deducted from the refund, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

12.     Where the Valuer is prevented from completing the valuation to the standards required, which could take the form of not being allowed to take photos, or not being allowed access to certain rooms or to the property itself, or the keyholder does not show up then no valuation report shall be issued, and the valuation will be considered cancelled. No refund will be allowed.

13.     Where a valuation is cancelled it may be re instructed at a later stage subject to the full fee being paid.

14.     Where a refund is due it will be paid directly into the account from which it was originally paid.

15.     All requests for cancellations must be sent by e-mail to info@vmsireland.com

16.     VMS will not offset cancelled instructions fees against new instructions. Each new instruction will be treated as a new contract with full payment required.

Valuations Terms and Conditions


1.        Should you need to change any of your instruction details, please notify VMS immediately, quoting your Reference number, to info@vmsireland.com or call 01 2300133. Any changes could lead to delays.

2.        All valuations reports are designed to comply with valuation purposes associated with property valuations.

3.        All valuations reports shall be provided in a standard format without any change. Neither VMS nor the Valuer can be responsible for any report that does not suit your purposes.

4.        VMS will use all reasonable measures to ensure the correct data is collected and relayed to the Valuer. VMS cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the instructing party.

5.        You warrant that all the information that you shall and have provided to VMS during the instruct and pay submission process, are both true and accurate.

6.        You warrant that your usage of the VMS Instruct and Pay service is either for yourself or that you have the permission and authority to act on the customer’s behalf.

7.        You fully accept and acknowledge that VMS contracts with external third party professional valuers to provide valuation services and that VMS is not responsible to any party for the quality of the Valuer’s services.

8.        You fully indemnify VMS Ireland from all liability, whether it be direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, personal injury or damages to property or delays in the issuance of reports, or in any way connected with the use or performance of the VMS web site or its services which include but are not limited to the sourcing of third party valuation services.

9.        You authorise VMS to provide the details that you have given on this site, to the Valuer(s) for the purposes of them contacting you or the nominated contact person(s) to discuss the valuation instructions. This may include any documents provided that relates to the property such as maps, building estimates, repairs estimates, drawings and any other similar documents. Once these documents are uploaded they are non returnable.

10.     You agree to VMS Ireland contacting you via email, SMS, or telephone in relation to your valuation instructions.

11.     You agree to use caution including adequate health and safety precautions when liaising with the Valuer and allowing access to the property.

12.     Neither VMS nor the Valuer is obliged to complete the instruction or the report and may at any time and without any explanation cancel the instructions and refund the fee. No liability for such action is accepted by VMS or the Valuer.

13.     VMS or the Valuer do not make any representations or provides advice about the suitability or reliability or accuracy of the information contained within the valuation report.

14.     VMS and the Valuer shall not determine the suitability of the valuation for your purposes. The suitability and purpose of your requirements for a valuation report shall not be interpreted or determined by VMS or the Valuer and each report shall be issued with the same purposes, i.e. to determine the market value of the property at the valuation date.

15.     The Valuation report is obtained to help the Bank assess whether the property is a suitable security for your mortgage loan, it is not suitable for any other purpose. Neither we nor the Valuer intends that you should rely upon it in any way.

16.     The inspection and report are designed to comply with the guidance we issue to Valuers and the SCSI and IPAV Guidelines for Valuations for Mortgage Purposes only. Please note that this is not a Building or Structural Surveyor Condition report. You should not assume that any defects referred to in the report are the only defects in the property, or if no defects are mentioned, that no defects exist There may be defects in the property which can only be revealed by a detailed Survey. We strongly recommend that you obtain your own Survey and complete any further investigations prior to making any commitments. Where a present value and an after works or repair value are provided and disclosed to you, the difference is not the actual cost of those works or repairs.

17.     No warranty or assurance is given that the purchase price is reasonable.

18.     Where an inspection takes place, the report has been prepared after a brief and limited visual inspection of the property. The Valuer has not for example used ladders, lifted floor coverings, moved furnishings, contents or other obstructions, and the inspection has not included the following: (a) Areas which are covered, unexposed or are not reasonably accessible. (b) Floors which are covered by carpets or other coverings. (c) Roof, sub-floor and similar voids. (d) Enquiries, for example legal, local authority, environmental and similar. The services such as water, gas, electricity, drains, lifts and heating have not been checked. The presence of constructions with a leisure purpose such as swimming pools, tennis courts etc have been noted but not inspected. In the case of apartment and maisonettes only the subject property together with related internal and external common parts where reasonably accessible, have been inspected. Other apartments and common areas have not been inspected.

19.     In carrying out the inspection it has been assumed that: (a) The property is offered for sale with vacant possession, and if leasehold, the remaining term is sufficient for the lender’s purposes. (b) It is connected to mains services. (c) Access to the property is as of right. (d) There are no unusual or onerous restrictions, obligations, covenants, or other matters which would affect the use, occupation, enjoyment or value of the property, which would usually be revealed in local searches, environmental reports and/or replies to usual enquiries. (e) That all Planning, Building Regulations and other consents have been obtained and complied with. (f) No hazardous or deleterious materials, including asbestos, have been used in the construction, or added since. (g) The property is not located on or within influencing distance of contaminated land.

20.     The report does not include any advice on the possible effect on health of any transformer stations, telephone masts, electromagnetic fields or underground cables which are or might be in the vicinity of the property.

21.     The Valuer will determine whether the specified specialist or similar reports are required for mortgage purposes based upon the limited inspection of the property; however, if any reports are not indicated this does not mean that the property is free from defects or issues that such reports may have revealed.

22.     For new property or recently refurbished/ converted, the Valuer will only indicate if the property is completed “sufficiently for mortgage purposes” and it is likely there will be matters outstanding which you should ensure are dealt with to your complete satisfaction prior to legal completion. The Valuer cannot provide a list of outstanding matters.

23.     If purchasing for buy to let purposes, it is especially important you do not rely on this report. It is important that you arrange independent advice including legislation, condition, value, potential letting demand and the likely income you can achieve and understand fully the need to comply with the law, planning and building regulations etc. If the Valuer indicates the property is suitable for letting, this is in a general sense only and not a technical assessment of compliance.

24.     VMS, the Valuer and the Lender does not accept any responsibility or liability for any reliance placed on the Valuation report even if the report contains errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

25.     VMS and the valuer reserve the right to withhold the report until the fees have been fully paid.

26.     By ordering a Valuation and/or paying a valuation fee does not create a contract or a relationship between you and the Valuer.


Data Protection Notice

The information that you supply to VMS Ireland Ltd  through this form and web site will be held and used solely for the rpose of instructing and receiving a property valuation and will not be retained for any other purpose.

For further details on the terms and conditions or any other information please go to www.vmsireland.com


Next Steps

A valuer will be appointed by VMS to carry out the valuation.

Where an internal inspection is required, the valuer will contact the key holder or the person you nominated to arrange access to the property. The valuer shall make contact within the next 48 hours, depending on availability.

An inspection will take approximately 20 minutes and the valuer will take photos of the front and rear of the property plus some internal photos.

When the valuer completes the report it shall be uploaded or sent on line to the lender and the lender will send a copy to the borrower. Neither VMS nor the valuer is permitted to send you the report.

Whilst it is the intention for all valuation reports to be concluded in 7 working days, this timeline will depend on a number of factors such as property access, co-operation with key holders and sales agents as well as the availability of the Valuer and the availability of comparable evidence. VMS is not responsible for any delays in this process.

The Valuer is only permitted to discuss the valuation report with the mortgage lender and cannot discuss it with any third party, including the borrower.

For any queries please email us on info@vmsireland.com